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Alcohol Treatment Center.  End Alcohol Addiction.  Optimize Life. Guaranteed. Atlanta.
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We’ve Been There.  Yes.  We’ve Walked That Mile In Your Shoes. 

First you made the decision to stop drinking alcohol.  Perhaps the consequences of alcohol addiction began to outweigh the perceived benefits of continuing to drink.  Perhaps you finally realized that you were no longer drinking for fun.  Instead, you were drinking to postpone withdrawal symptoms in order to maintain “normalcy” in what has become your new way of life.  You’ve tried to quit drinking alcohol on your own, and the result was symptoms of withdrawal; insomnia, agitation, the slight shake in your hands.

Then you made the calls to some of the better known alcohol rehab programs; Hazelden, Betty Ford, Sierra Tucson, McLean.  You did the research on alcohol addiction treatment yourself.  And at the end of you analysis you came up with the following facts:  28-90 days, $28,000-$60,000 and less than a 10% chance of success  You found that institutional drug and alcohol rehab programs looked at your addiction much differently than you did.  You assumed that there would be specialization in the treatment of alcohol addiction.  You found most programs treating alcohol addiction together with drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders, trauma and abuse.  You were intimidated. You were confused. You were frustrated. How can alcohol addiction, a condition that affects one out of every ten people in the United States, have such poor options? How can you sit here ready, committed, and have no realistic options for treatment given the realities of your life?

So like most Americans, you made the decision that you couldn’t make a decision.  You couldn’t afford the time or the money. And you decided that even if you could, you probably wouldn’t make the investment of either based on the presumption of failure. Your participation in running a small business made this kind of treatment impossible. So you decided to quit on your own and you couldn’t. And you tried to stop again on you own and you couldn’t. You certainly couldn’t for the long term. You’ve postponed getting help.  Your dependence on alcohol has progressed.  And now here you are.

Finally, A Solution.  Finally.

How do we know this? Because we did the same thing. We’ve run that marathon in your shoes. We wondered why the research was being ignored. We wondered why our doctors, our internists and general practitioners knew so very little about alcohol addiction and the effective ways to treat it. We wondered why, with over 100,000 alcohol related deaths in the United States each year, those of us dependent on alcohol don’t have our own color lapel ribbon. Why we don’t have fund raisers and telethons and fun runs for research. We wondered why instead we are relegated to meeting in secrecy in the basements of churches, made to deal with antiquated societal stigmas of guilt, shame and failure.

And then we solved the problem. We set out to create a tipping point in the treatment of those dependent on alcohol. We developed the programs used at Accelerated Recovery Centers and we stopped drinking alcohol. We stopped in a quarter of the time. We stopped at half the cost. And we stopped successfully. We stopped for good. We are recovered. Recovered with a "D". And looking back it was a good, challenging, productive, enlightening, eye opening experience that turned our negative view of the recovery industry on its head. We did it.
Accelerated Recovery’s programs are different. They are focused. They are only for those that are committed to overcome alcohol addiction. And they are only focused on those people that are ready to stop now.  Those that are ready to enjoy a full and productive life once again. They are for those that want to succeed.

At Accelerated you will be given the tools to get your life back. To plan your future. To look at all of your relationships through your newly earned lens of sobriety. You will receive support in your endeavors for up to a full year. You will be a member of our community for life. You will be recovered. Recovered with a "D".

There is finally an option. Time to get on with your life. Call Accelerated Recovery today. Get your life back. Get your "D".


Since 2005, Accelerated Recovery Centers has successfully treated clients from all 50 states and many other countries throughout the world at our facility located in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.  

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