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Alcohol Treatment.  End Alcohol Addiction.  Optimize Life.  Guaranteed.  Atlanta.
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Many treatment programs describe alcohol addiction as a chronic, incurable disease.  12 Step treatment programs often compare alcoholism to diabetes, using diabetes as an example of just such a lifelong, incurable disease.

Please indulge us by answering one simple question:  Would you treat diabetes with a 12 Step Program?

13% of all American adults will become dependent on alcohol in their lifetimes.  1 out of every 5 Americans is directly affected by alcohol dependence.  1 out of every 5.  So if that is true, why do you feel so alone?  Why can't you seem to effect the change necessary to help your friend or loved one overcome their addiction?

Treatment of alcohol addiction hasn't changed much since the 1930's.  Ask yourself the question, "What about the recovery process is appealing?"  Is it the 5-7 days detoxing in a psychiatric hospital with other alcohol-dependent people, drug addicts, psychotics and individuals with other co-morbidities and maladaptive behaviors?  Is it coming to terms with the fact that from this point on, your friend or loved one will be identified as an "alcoholic" for the rest of their lives?  Is it meeting in secret in church basements while survivors of other diseases are raising money to fund the cure?  Is it the stigma?  The shame?  The societal shunning?

Is it the 90% failure rates?  Is it the loss of hope?  Is it the fact that recovery is a never ending process?  Is it the requirement that your loved one admit they are powerless over their future when they sense they can take responsibility for their lives if equipped with the proper tools?

There are greatly debated questions regarding addiction.  Is it a disease?  Is it genetics?  Is it choice?  The answer to all three questions is yes.  And it doesn't matter.  Addiction is not about why they started drinking.  It is about why they can't stop on their own. 

Addiction treatment is about putting together a plan to stop.  It's about stopping.  And it's about staying stopped.  Addiction treatment is about putting a plan in place to become recovered.  Recovered with a "D".

In order to do that, your loved one needs support.  They need expert medical attention to deal with the physiological aspects of addiction and to understand how medication can suppress urges and cravings for alcohol.  They need expert therapeutic support to deal with the underlying emotional issues of addiction.   Lastly, they need expert help in total wellness management (including the effect of prolonged alcohol intake on chemical and nutritional wellness,) focused on restoring health to optimal levels.

At Accelerated Recovery Centers, we believe that societal stigmas and the errant belief that addiction is a simple choice has caused an Anonymous Epidemic.  It is the modern day Scarlett Letter.  It isolates people.  Sadly, it keeps them out of treatment.

We believe addiction is a treatable condition and we know how to treat it.  Tell you friend or loved one about Accelerated Recovery Centers.  Tell them about a treatment program that is based on medical science and epiphany-level therapy.  Tell them to expect success.  Tell them to expect dignity and pride and hope and an ability to be responsible for themselves.  Give them the opportunity to take charge.  Empower them to get their lives back.  Help them get their "D".

You can reach an expert at Accelerated Recovery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 888-786-7374.





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