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Alcohol Treatment.  Clinically proven most effective.  Atlanta.
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Alcohol Addiction is perhaps the most under treated condition in American healthcare today.  Statistically speaking, greater than one in ten of your patients will become addicted to alcohol in their lifetime.  Fully 30% of U.S. adults drink at levels that elevate their risk for physical, mental health and social problems. 


Yet in a recent study of Primary Care Practices, patients with alcohol dependence received the recommended quality of care, including assessment and referral to an alcohol treatment program, only about ten percent of the time.  Of the ten percent that receive appropriate care and guidance, only “some” drinkers who are addicted will accept referral to addiction treatment programs.  Patients that participate in traditional institutional inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, either voluntarily or involuntarily, fail to achieve long-term sobriety a startling eighty-six percent of the time.


With a focused protocol that offers patients up to eight times the long-term success rates of institutional alcohol rehab programs, Accelerated Recovery Centers provides the most sought after alternative to traditional addiction treatment centers.




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