I WANT TO STOP NOW - Alcohol Treatment.  Clinically proven most effective by NIAAA.  8 times more effective.  Atlanta.
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Alcohol Treatment.  Clinically proven most effective by NIAAA.  8 times more effective.  Atlanta.
Eight times more effective - a quarter of the time
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Accelerated Recovery – The Appealing Choice


How is Accelerated Recovery different than traditional, institutional recovery programs?


  • Accelerated’s clients are up to 8 times more likely to succeed compared to traditional alcohol rehab programs.
  • Accelerated's focused alcohol treatment program uses a combination of pharmacology, medical support, therapeutic support, nutritional support, and fitness support to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Acccelerated’s alcohol treatment protocols are clinically proven to be the most effective available in the treatment of alcohol addiction.
  • Accelerated provides continuity of care for up to one year.  Consistent focus during the first year of care dramatically enhances relapse prevention, reduces recidivism rates and greatly enhances chances for success.
  • Accelerated’s alcohol addiction treatment programs are strictly outpatient and strictly voluntary, requiring minimum time away from family and career, while ensuring that clients are treated with others with the same goals and desired outcomes.
  • For those patients that qualify, Accelerated provides Withdrawal Management services in the comfort of a private suite.
  • Accelerated provides the most highly sought after alternative to traditional, institutional and hospital drug and alcohol rehab programs.
  • Accelerated provides an engaging environment where clients and staff expect to achieve individual success.
  • While challenging, clients can expect that their experience at Accelerated is one that they will look forward to from interaction to interaction.
  • Accelerated is committed to your patient’s success.  If after assessment it is determined that your patient would be better served by another alcohol treatment alternative, Accelerated Recovery has referral arrangements with other addiction treatment programs for both detoxification and rehabilitation treatment.


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