I WANT TO STOP NOW - Alternative Alcohol treatment.  Put addiction behind you.  Clinically proven most effective.  Atlanta.
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Alternative Alcohol treatment.  Put addiction behind you.  Clinically proven most effective.  Atlanta.
Eight times more effective - a quarter of the time
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Solve The Problem Of Alcohol Abuse By Extending Your Team With Accelerated Recovery


At Accelerated Recovery, our alcohol treatment program employs experts in successfully treating patients with alcohol addiction.  Accelerated is the first alcohol treatment center in the nation to implement the COMBINED Recovery Protocol ™, clinically proven to be the most effective treatment for alcohol dependence.  Each of your patients will work with a dedicated team of licensed professionals with consistent long term focus on Medical Management, Therapeutic Management and Wellness Management.


Unlike traditional institutional alcohol rehab programs that co-mingle various addictions and maladaptive behaviors together for treatment.  Accelerated Recovery is exclusively dedicated to the successful, focused treatment of alcohol addiction.  Co-mingling ignores the hierarchy of addiction, reduces the effectiveness of treatment and in many cases acts as a barrier to entry to addiction treatment, especially for those with alcohol addiction.


Refer Your Patients To Accelerated's Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program.  They’ll Get Their Lives Back.  Guaranteed.


Working with Accelerated, your patients are up to eight times more likely to achieve long term sobriety compared with traditional institutional alcohol rehab programs.  Recovery Guaranteed ™  is an optional program offered exclusively by Accelerated Recovery Centers that will guarantee successful recovery for select patients.




Call The Physician's Direct Hotline Now At 888-786-7374 To Extend Your Team With The Alcohol Treatment Experts At Accelerate Recovery.


Or Email Us At: info@iwanttostopnow.com



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