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“Even if I didn't have a drinking problem, I wish I could have come to Accelerated long ago just for this team's astonishing ability to teach me who I really am. The program here vastly exceeded what I was promised (or expected) and I feel like I am solidly launched towards being recovered forever, rather than forever recovering. I also feel happy for the first time in ages. I have gotten back my life. I cannot believe the quality of care I am receiving or the teamwork behind it.”  A Client Testimonial

More than 90% of Accelerated Recovery's successful clients have tried traditional alcohol treatment programs in the past, some as many as 7 times.  Why do they succeed at Accelerated when they have failed elsewhere?  There are a great many things that set Accelerated Recovery Centers apart from other treatment providers in the United States.  Here are the things that have proven to be most important to our clients:

  • Expert Focus on Alcohol Treatment - Accelerated is the only addiction treatment center in North America that focuses exclusively on the successful treatment of alcohol dependence.  There is no risk of being in treatment with, or living with people who suffer from opiate, stimulant or process addictions.  Therefore, there are none of the distractions that typically limit successful treatment and there is no risk of cross addiction.
  • Up To 75 Hours of Private, Individual Treatment - Unlike most treatment centers that offer group based treatment, Accelerated treats your individual issues on a 1-To-1 basis in private, sound conditioned treatment suites.  There is more private treatment at Accelerated on a Monday morning than there is in most treatment programs in 28 days.
  • 1, 2 and 3 Week Intensive Alcohol Treatment Programs - Accelerated delivers successful alcohol treatment in half the time of other alcohol rehab programs.  This means considerably less time away from family, friends and work.
  • An Expert, Licensed Staff - Every individual that provides treatment services at Accelerated is a licensed clinician that is expert in category.  Unlike other treatment programs, we do not allow paraprofessionals or lay people to provide services to our clients.
  • A Research Based Treatment Model - Accelerated employs every tool available to successfully treat alcohol dependence.  From leading edge use of medications to reduce craving for alcohol to medically designed nutrition programs to assist with detoxification to testing and strategies to successfully deal with anxiety and depression - Accelerated has a national reputation as an industry leader in alcohol addiction treatment.
  • An Alternative to 12 Step Treatment - While Accelerated stands in opposition to no treatment approach that can be helpful to even a single individual, alcohol dependent people have had, and continue have limited choice outside of the 12 Step treatment model.  Accelerated offers an innovative, evidence based alternative to traditional 12 Step treatment.
  • A Family Treatment Model - Family members have a direct and significant impact on the ability of an individual to succeed in overcoming alcohol dependence.  For that reason, Accelerated involves family members in every stage of treatment.  Utilizing proven protocols like The Marriage Checkup and Behavioral Couples Therapy in combination with other family therapies, Accelerated helps to create a shared responsibility and accountability model that optimizes the possibility of an excellent outcome.
  • 6 Months of Continued Care Where You Live - Unlike most alcohol treatment centers, Accelerated does not abandon you or your family to your own devices after residential treatment.  Accelerated continues to provide 1-To-1 care for 6 months upon your return home, and longer if needed, with the same licensed professionals that you have come to know and trust.
  • Recovery Concierge - Your clinical team is on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week during the entire time that you and your family are in our care.
  • Private Treatment Suites and Private Accommodations Guaranteed - Accelerated provides a private, professional treatment environment.  We do not operate out of a hospital or a converted house.  Each of our clients is assigned their own private treatment suite and each stays in a private suite which includes a bedroom, a living room and a full kitchen.  You will never have a roommate while in our care unless you choose to bring a family member along with you.
  • Private Detoxification Services - Each of our clients are carefully screened for risk of complications from alcohol withdrawal.  Accelerated provides safe, private and comfortable detoxification services to those that qualify.  Consistent with out belief that alcohol detoxification procedures for individuals with no psychiatric comorbidity should never be conducted in a psychiatric hospital or in a psychiatric ward, Accelerated also has a relationship with a general hospital that will provide detoxification services.
  • A Real Word Treatment Environment - Our clients are encouraged to bring their cell phone, their laptop and other things that can help to recreate their real world.  Our schedule provides ample time for our clients to stay connected to their family, their friends and their office or practice.  Our approach invariably leaves people better prepared to return home than treatment programs that isolate patients in an artificial environment that can't be replicated when they return home.
  • Continuous Improvement - While we are incredibly proud of our ability to deliver success in an industry known for failure, we will never rest on our laurels.  We survey our clients every week during intensive treatment and we implement their suggestions immediately.  Since more than 90% of our clients have attended other treatment programs before, we are afforded an incredible contextual view of the industry as we have treated "graduates" of most recognizable treatment programs in the United States.
  • Limited Enrollment - Accelerated only accepts a limited number of clients at any given time.  Treatment at Accelerated is completely voluntary.  We only accept individuals that want to, and are ready to stop drinking.  We do not accept court ordered referrals or products of interventions.  Accelerated clients are carefully selected after a complimentary 45 minute assessment which is conducted either by phone or in person.  Admission is competitive. 
  • Insurance Advocacy - Accelerated does not directly accept insurance for the simple reason that we will not sacrifice your success to a standard of care that has proven to be largely ineffective.  While we continue to do everything we can to keep our fees as low as possible, we will never compete with group based treatment programs.  The use of insurance for addiction related purposes is not risk free.  For those clients that have carefully assessed that risk and that want to seek reimbursement, Accelerated can assign an Insurance Advocate that will work with you and your insurance carrier to ensure that all reimbursements available to you are processed in a timely manner.
  • Financing Available - Accelerated can refer you to third parties that finance our services.  Depending on credit history and term, monthly fees can be lower than the amount that the client used to spend on alcohol.
  • Guaranteed Programs - Accelerated provides guarantees for each of our alcohol treatment programs.  You can call 1-888-786-7374 to learn more about our guarantees.


Welcome to Accelerated Recovery Centers, the Nation's Leading and Most Effective Alcoholism Counseling Alternative to 12 Step Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Counseling Programs. Call 1-888-786-7374 now to put alcohol addiction behind you for good. Start your recovery now!

At Accelerated Recovery, we 're changing the alcohol addiction treatment industry one success at a time. Because when it comes to your future, the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. One, two and three week programs. More individual therapeutic attention in each week than most treatment programs provide in 28 days.

You have a simple decision to make, you can choose Accelerated Recovery Centers' non 12 Step treatment and counseling program and stop drinking for good, or you can choose another treatment program and accept the label of Alcoholic for the rest of your life, whether you drink or not.

It's that simple. Call Accelerated now at 1-888-786-7374 to get alcohol addiction help. It's completely private. It's totally confidential. Speak directly with someone that has put alcohol addiction behind them for good. Talk to someone without judgment, someone that understands exactly what you are going through. Explore the differences. Understand the details of a successful 12 Step alternative. You 'll be glad you did.

With success rates up to 8 times the national average, Accelerated offers a permanent solution to the problem of alcoholism. Beginning with private detoxification services, medically supervised in the comfort of your private suite, and continuing with intensive individualized treatment and alcoholism counseling programs tailored to the needs and the schedules of each of our clients, Accelerated has established the new standard of care for the successful treatment of alcoholism. Unlike 12 Step treatment programs which teach that recovery must be a perpetual, never-ending process, and different from treatment ideologies that profess that powerless people must accept the identity of 'alcoholic ' for the rest of their lives, Accelerated Recovery understands that alcohol addiction is a treatable condition. And it is Accelerated's job to give you the help and tools you need to fully take your life back. Call 1-888-786-7374 now to put alcohol addiction behind you for good.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcohol addiction is not a life sentence. You do not need to live your life under the cloud of shame, anonymity and the societal stigmas associated with alcohol addiction. Finally there is a tailored alcoholism recovery program that is not only appealing to those in need of treatment, but one that provides best of breed results in a respectful, comfortable, private environment. No stigmas. No judgment. Just a pure focus on results.

  • One, two and three week intensive programs.
  • No hospital stay required.
  • Private withdrawal management (detoxification) services.
  • Individualized outpatient treatment and counseling programs that are tailored to meet both your needs and your schedule.
  • Intensive day and evening counseling programs.
  • Private suites for our out of town clients.
  • Safe medicine to help eliminate urges and cravings.
  • SageTalk - Expert counseling to clear the path to success.
  • Wellness management to restore your health to optimum levels.
  • An expert staff to help you beat your alcoholism addiction that is completely focused on your success.

New Standards. New levels of success. The most sought after alternative to 12 Step alcoholism addiction treatment programs. Empowering you to put addiction behind you.

What would you attempt to do if your life was free from alcohol? Call 1-888-786-7374 now for a private consultation.

Welcome To Accelerated Recovery Centers.

Welcome to an alcohol addiction recovery program designed specifically to help you. An alcoholism recovery program designed for your success and the first alcohol addiction recovery program that actually appeals to those ready to quit. This is the most sought after alternative to traditional, institutional, 12 step alcoholism recovery programs and the first program to guarantee your success.

Wouldn 't you enter into alcoholism treatment now if you knew you would succeed?

One in ten adults becomes dependent on alcohol in their lifetime. Those that want to successfully stop drinking come here to Accelerated Recovery Centers to stop. And here is why:

Expectations Determine Outcomes

At Accelerated Recovery you will expect to succeed. Not only will you expect to succeed, but each member of your multidisciplinary alcoholism treatment program team will be committed to your success. Alcohol addiction is a treatable condition and Accelerated Recovery knows how to treat it successfully. With success rates up to eight times that of traditional alcoholism help programs and with our exclusive optional program Recovery Guaranteed™, we are confident in our ability to help you make alcohol addiction a thing of your past.

Success Requires Focus

Accelerated Recovery is exclusively committed to the treatment of alcohol dependence. Unlike other programs that combine multiple addictions and other maladaptive behaviors together for treatment, we believe that keen focus provides an optimal environment for your success. We base all of our alcoholism treatment and counseling planning on doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else.

Success Requires Clinically Proven Programs and Innovative Techniques

Accelerated Recovery was the first company in the nation to implement the COMBINED Recovery Protocol™ which combines pharmacology, medical management, focused therapy utilizing SageTalk ™ and wellness management to ensure your success. Confirmed to be the most effective type of treatment for alcohol addiction by one of the largest studies ever conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Accelerated's COMBINED Recovery Protocol™ will enable results not available from institutional recovery programs.

Success Requires Not Only Great teamwork, It Requires a Great Team

Medical Management. Therapeutic Management. Wellness Management. Accelerated Recovery Centers has assembled a world class team of licensed professionals to help with alcohol dependence from both a physiological and a psychological perspective. But this process is not just about ending addiction; the process is about optimizing life. Here we have assembled a team of experts to assist you in reevaluating each of your relationships through your newfound lens of sobriety; your relationship with your spouse, your family, your friends and your career. We have also assembled experts that can assist with specific issues such as anger, grief, loss and spirituality.

Success Is About Continuity of Care

As a client of Accelerated Recovery, you will have access to the same medical management, therapeutic management and wellness management team for up to a year. Your alcoholism help team has one specific goal in mind. That goal is your success. Unlike a typical aftercare plan, Accelerated's Continuous Care Plan focuses on your long term success with resources that you have come to trust and rely on.

Success Is About Setting Goals and Achieving Them

At Accelerated Recovery, it's all about the "D". We do not believe in the philosophy of perpetual recovery. We believe that the process of recovery has a beginning and an end. And at the end of your relationship with Accelerated, you will be recovered, recovered with a "D". You will be taught to put alcohol addiction behind you. You will have the skills to live a full life free from alcohol. You will have your life back.

Success Must Be Appealing

At Accelerated, we have gone to great lengths to eliminate barriers to entering alcoholism treatment programs. We are the most sought after alternative to institutional and traditional treatment programs. We require no more than a long weekend away from your family and your career. Our Withdrawal Management program, if required, is a pleasant experience that takes place in a hotel suite. Our facilities are upscale and discreet. Our locations are convenient and confidential. While we expect the environment to be challenging, we strive to ensure that each interaction with Accelerated is one that you, the client, actually look forward to. Our membership is strictly voluntary. We have strong client advocacy. Our costs are competitive while providing exceptional value and outstanding results. We provide an environment that is discreet, safe, comfortable, engaging, stimulating, productive and positive. We attract clients that want to be successful in overcoming dependence.

Success Attracts Those That Truly Want To Succeed

By design, Accelerated Recovery severely limits the number of clients we accept based on our client centric focus. We believe that the best results in alcoholism help are achieved in small groups of like minded people. While we work with each client in an attempt to accommodate their schedule, there may be a delay in your start of the program. Accelerated Recovery's programs are not for everyone that needs treatment., but we are committed to work with each person seeking treatment through our referral network.

Call 888-786-7374 now to learn more. Isn 't it time to get your life back now that you know you truly can succeed? You too can have your "D". Call now.

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