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Accelerated Recovery's Private Alcohol Detoxification program is a private experience offered as an alternative to institutional, psychiatric hospital detoxification.  Space is limited.  Please contact Accelerated today at 888-786-7374 to reserve your session or to discuss other alcohol withdrawal treatment options.  All reservations for private withdrawal sessions must be confirmed one week in advance.  Accelerated's alcohol detox treatment program is part of a specialized, comprehensive and fully integrated alcohol treatment program.

If you abuse alcohol or if you are dependent on alcohol, you should only stop drinking under the supervision of a medical doctor who specializes in alcohol withdrawal.  Undergoing alcohol detox without medical supervision is risky and complications can be not only severe, but at times life threatening.

Alcohol withdrawal, or the process of alcohol detoxification is the first step in the process of alcohol addiction recovery.  If you have not been through this treatment process before, it is very important to speak with someone who has.  The experience does not have to be intimidating or frightening, but you must know what to expect before entering into a detox rehab program in order for your outcome to be optimized.

Call Accelerated Recovery now at 1-888-786-7374 to have your questions answered.

Accelerated offers a number of safe options for detoxification from alcohol.  Private detox services are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  Hospital based alcohol detox programs can be scheduled in advance for those that wish to use insurance to cover the cost of detox.  Emergency detoxification services are offered twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week though Accelerated's partners.  Post-acute detoxification services are offered at later stages of treatment as part of Accelerated's Wellness Program.

Private Detox Program

Conducted in a private suite with a private nursing staff, Accelerated's medically supervised private detoxification services are offered throughout the year on a pre-determined scheduled basis.  Eligibility for private detoxification services will be determined by Accelerated's medical staff.  Determination of eligibility will be based solely on proven medical protocols, with client safety as the top priority.  Private detoxification services are reserved for private pay clients only.

Hospital Based Detox Program

For those clients who are medically ineligible for private detoxification services and for those clients who wish to use their insurance to pay for detoxification services, Accelerated has established relationships with two of the premier detoxification hospitals in the Atlanta area.  Accelerated provides continuity of medical and therapeutic care in the event that hospital based detoxification services represent the safest and most affordable choice for our clients.

Emergency Detoxification Services

Offered through Accelerated's hospital partners, emergency detoxification services are offered twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week for either private pay clients or for those clients that wish to use their insurance.

Post Acute Detox Program

Modeled in part after the protocols developed by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers in her book "Detoxify Or Die", Accelerated employs state of the art technology used in conjunction with diet, fitness and nutrition to further detoxify the body from industrial and environmental chemicals and pollutants.


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