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You have a simple decision to make, you can choose Accelerated's non 12 Step treatment program and stop drinking for good.  Or you can choose an alternative alcohol addiction treatment program and be an Alcoholic for the rest of your life, whether you drink or not.  If you’ve tried Alcoholics Anonymous and it wasn’t right for you, or if you just think a different type of program would work better for you, get help and stop drinking now with Accelerated Recovery Centers’ twelve step alternative alcohol abuse treatment programs.

It's that simple.  Call Accelerated now at 877-786-7374 to find out about our AA alternative program.  It's completely private.  It's totally confidential.  Speak directly with someone that has put alcohol addiction behind them for good.  Talk to someone without judgment, someone that understands exactly what you are going through.  Explore the differences.  Understand the details of a successful Twelve Step alternative.  You'll be glad you did.

Accelerated Recovery designed the COMBINED Recovery Protocol as an alternative to the traditional AA or other 12 Step alcohol treatment programs.  Greater then 93 percent of all treatment programs in the United States are based on the Twelve Step philosophy, and their poor outcome results are predictable and well documented.

For many years, individuals like you have sought alternatives to 12 Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.  People sought a focused program that would support their primary goal of ending alcohol dependence.  Until now, a successful non Twelve Step alternative was nearly impossible to find.

As a Non 12 Step treatment provider, how does Accelerated's program differ from AA and the vast majority of treatment programs?

1.  At Accelerated, we developed our non Twelve Step programs based on medical and scientific evidence and facts.  We treat the problem of alcohol addiction in three focused ways: Physically, Psychologically and with overall Wellness in mind.  Ignoring any of these components only leads to suboptimal outcomes.

2. As a successful 12 Step alternative alcohol addiction program, we do not believe that you are powerless over your dependence on alcohol.  Nor do we believe that a reliance on a Higher Power is necessary.  Quite the contrary, we know that alcohol dependence is a treatable condition and like many other obstacles that you have overcome in your life, with Accelerated's help, you will be successful in overcoming alcohol addiction too.

3. In our AA alternative program, the labels of Alcoholic and Alcoholism are counterproductive and have no medical or therapeutic role in addressing the problem of alcohol dependence.  Accelerated developed a non 12 Step recovery program to provide an alternative to the old school, institutional thinking of the 1900s.  Overcoming alcohol addiction is a finite task; it has a beginning and it has an end.  It is our intent to ensure that the notion of perpetual recovery is a thing of the past, and that its "life-long sentence" doesn't apply to you.

4. The key difference between a 12 Step Program and Accelerated's non Twelve Step Recovery Program is simple.  Accelerated provides a tailored treatment alternative to 12 step programs that supports your goal to stop drinking without the labels, shame, guilt and societal stigmas.  We do not believe that you need to adopt the label of alcoholic for the rest of your life.  It is our goal to put your addiction behind you for good.  You have a choice.  You can choose Accelerated and stop drinking.  Or you can choose another treatment program and be an alcoholic for the rest of your life, whether you drink or not.

5. Individual treatment is a key component of success.  Accelerated's non 12 Step treatment programs provide focused, 1 on 1 treatment.  Each treatment program - in fact each session - is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

6. Successful non Twelve Step programs require experienced, non 12 step professionals.  Accelerated has built an exceptional, multi-disciplinary team of seasoned professionals focused on one goal: assisting you in overcoming your dependence on alcohol.

Call Accelerated Now:  888-786-7374.  help@IWantToStopNow.com




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