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"Impaired Professional" is a label that does not need to exist.  We have yet to meet one person that set out with the goal of becoming an "Impaired Professional".  But for those who have invested heavily in their careers, traditional treatment programs are not an option until they become an option of last resort.

The stigmas, the opportunity costs, the disruptions to ones practice...all these things cause professionals that become dependent on alcohol to postpone treatment.  It is less the money and more about the time away.  And as long as the professional is able to function, he or she is prepared to wait.  But as you wait, the condition of alcohol addiction progresses, and then it accelerates.  And now it becomes a problem that is monitored by the licensing authorities.  And your participation in treatment is no longer voluntary, it is mandatory.  Left up to traditional recovery programs, you would now carry two titles as part of your identity: Alcoholic and Impaired Professional.

At Accelerated Recovery we know that there are thousands of professionals that have come to the realization that they can not stop drinking on their own.  We know many motivated professionals that would enter into treatment today if the odds were better and if a treatment program would take into account their professional needs.

And that's where we come in.  Medical management to eliminate cravings and urges for alcohol.  A customized, flexible therapeutic management plan that takes into consideration the schedule of a busy professional.  Outcomes up to 8 times that of institutional programs.  A constant focus on success.

At Accelerated Recovery Centers, we don't see "Impaired Professionals".  We see professionals with a treatable condition.  Then we give them the tools to take back their lives.

Whether you are in the legal, medical or any other licensed professional organization and you think that you might be at risk to one day become an "Impaired Professional", call Accelerated today to make sure that that "Impaired Professional" is one title you never have to answer to.

Call Accelerated Recovery now at 888-786-7374.




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