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All treatment plans are customized to the individual and are priced accordingly.

For your convenience, Accelerated can provide treatment financing for up to 5 years.

All treatment plans include three components: Medical Management, Therapeutic Management and Wellness Management.

Accelerated provides the best value in the Industry.  Accelerated's program costs are on par with 28 day programs offered by nationally recognized traditional inpatient treatment facilities.  However Accelerated offers continuity of care for up to a full year, or 12 times the duration of those institutional programs.

In order to optimize success for our clients, Accelerated is exclusively focused on the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Accelerated has limited capacity and only accepts clients that are personally motivated to stop drinking.

Accelerated only accepts clients on a voluntary basis.  Accelerated does not accept involuntary referrals.

Accelerated's services are private pay only.  We do not submit charges to insurance companies for reimbursement.  We will provide billing information to our clients who can in turn submit the documentation to their insurance company for reimbursement.

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